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POCUN Zoom Conferences

Conference schedule

Normal Kidney    June 29th, 2020    Charles O'Neill

Abnormal Kidney    July 27th, 2020    Charles O'Neill

Transplant Kidney     August 31st, 2020    Hilda Fernandez

IVC Image Acquisition    September 21st, 2020    Matt Kaptein

IVC Image Interpretation    October 26th, 2020    Matt Kaptein

Cardiac Image Acquistion    November 30th, 2020    Nathaniel Riesinger

Cardiac Image Interpretation    December 21st, 2020    Abhilash Koratala

Lung Ultrasound Acquisition and Interpretation    January 25th, 2021    Daniel Ross

Vascular Access    February 22nd, 2021    Nikhil Agrawal

Acquisition and Interpretation of Venous Waveforms From Right Heart to Renal Vein March 29th, 2021    Abhilash Koratala

Ultrasound For Procedures    April 26th, 2021    Frederic Rahabari

Documentation and Billing    May 24th, 2021    Nathaniel Riesinger

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