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Ultrasound training in nephrology programs

In a recent survey (J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017;28(7):1983-1990), nephrology trainees listed ultrasound as one of the areas in which they desired additional training. This can easily be incorporated into nephrology programs, thereby enhancing training and increasing the visibility of a training program. Examples of programs that have incorporated ultrasound training are listed below and can serve as a resource for other programs wishing to incorporate ultrasound. 

Emory University. Performance and interpretation of kidney and bladder sonograms as well as ultrasound guidance for kidney biopsy has been a formal rotation for trainees at Emory University since 1994. All trainees spend 2 months on the ultrasound service performing diagnostic studies of native kidneys, transplanted kidneys, and urinary bladder  in the hospital and clinic, as well as guidance for kidney biopsies. All trainees acquire the training and quantity of studies required for certification by the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology. There are currently 5 faculty involved in the ultrasound program. Contact: Charles O'Neill 

Northwell University.  An annual hands-on training course including imaging of the kidneys, bladder, lung and IVC has been provided to nephrology fellows since 2015.  This is supplemented by regular bedside rounds with an ultraportable device where we acquire and interpret images at the time of consultation.  There is a regularly scheduled conference series where images and cases are reviewed. Contact: Daniel Ross

Mayo Clinic. Nephrology fellows have a four hour session during the first month of the rotation and maintain a portfolio of images that are reviewed annually.  They have a one month rotation during their second in which they are required to do at least one ultrasound exam a day and maintain a log. Internal medicine residents on the nephrology hospital service receive training in the simulation center and perform occasional bedside sonograms.

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